Taiwan Cultural Festival 2023


2023 Japan International Souvenir Design Competition


Japan International Exchange Association (JPIEA)

Taiwan Cultural Festival Implementation Committee



Buzen-shi , Fukuoka Prefecture 


World Chinese Business and Economic Federation Japan Branch

Taiwan Tourism and Innovation Association

Taiwan News Agency

Competition name:

2023 Japan International Souvenir Design Competition (JISDC).

Participating countries:

Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, United States, and more.


Important Schedule of the Competition:

Registration period and submission of materials:   

From now until May 31, 2023.

Competition dates:   

June 17-18, 2023.

Competition venue:

Tokyo Tourist Information Center, KITTE B1F, 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Registration :

Unified online registration  info@jpiea.com

Best wishes from the mayor of Buzen City

Message from chairs

Media Reports Link

Thank you to the media for their reports on this competition. The relevant reports are linked as follows :

Activities highlights



*Exhibits for each competition item will only be applicable for that item's scoring.


*Once a competition item's registration is complete, it cannot be changed. Otherwise, it will be considered 

   as forfeiting the competition and no refunds will be provided.


*If the registration does not comply with the rules set by the organizers, the organizers have the right to     

   cancel the eligibility for participation.


*In case of any uncontrollable factors or for the purpose of a smooth event, the organizers reserve the right

   to modify, add or delete the rules.


*Participants must adhere to the scoring judgments, and the organizers do not accept any appeals based

   on subjective differences in exhibits.


*Incomplete registration information will not be accepted, and successful registration will be notified by



*Exhibits must have English descriptions to facilitate international scoring.


*Winners will be awarded gold, silver, and bronze prizes respectively. Those who do not meet the award-

   winning score will not receive an award.


*Participants are requested to carefully read the competition rules in advance, and all participants are

   deemed to agree to all competition rules set by the organizers after registration.


*All entries must be original works of the participants themselves and cannot be entered through purchase

   or subcontracting. If found, in addition to disqualification, the participant will be responsible for related

   follow-up issues.


Item Score Evaluation Criteria


Creativity 0-30

Originality of the product.

Representativeness of local characteristics.


Marketability 0-30

Market value of the product.

Completeness of the product.


Overall Design and Explanation 0-20

Completeness of the product explanation, presented in written materials.

Coordination between the booth and the product.

Practicality 0-20

Whether the product as a whole is economically practical.

Display of Tourist Souvenirs


Assessment Criteria Description:


Tourist souvenirs can be food or non-food products..


Adequate amount of overall product display is required..


Written materials in English should explain the product concept and introduction.


The product should meet criteria such as creativity, promotion, and overall design.




The above scoring criteria and competition rules are for reference only. The final announcement of the judging panel shall prevail.


The competition organizers have the final authority to review and decide on any other related competition regulations and results, and do not accept any other opinions.


Award Scoring and Details:


Gold Medal 91 points to 100 points

Award medal and certificate

Silver Medal 81 points to 90 points

Award medal and certificate

Bronze Medal 71 points to 80 points

Award medal and certificate

No medals or certificates will be awarded

for scores below 70 points.