Mayor Motohide Goto and the Chairman's team visited Taiwan

The President of the Japan International Exchange Association, Lee Chi-yuen, (on the right) presents a plaque of friendship to the Mayor of Toyotomi, Fukuoka, Motohide Goto.


Assisted by the Japan International Exchange Association, the Education Exchange Visiting Group from Toyotsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, led by Mayor Motohide Goto and the Chairman's team, visited the "Join it & Datavan Metaverse Business Application Center" to discuss cooperation on technical and vocational education, student internship exchanges, Taiwan-Japan local revitalization stores, tourism exchanges, and other issues. During the meeting, Wei-Li Xue, founder of Together Sustainable Technology Co., Ltd., shared how DID digital application technology and JSC digital social cards can help achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between Taiwanese and Japanese industries, while achieving many practical benefits such as "safety, convenience, and discounts," providing further detailed explanations.

Mayor Motohide Goto of Toyotsu City said at the meeting: "Through the innovative concept of DID member cooperation technology, we can quickly connect resources between the two places and bring new energy to Taiwan-Japan exchanges." In addition, Mayor Goto saw the LINE application product "Digital Social Card" in the Metaverse Business Center, which not only allows sharing of unit or personal information but also offers coupons and discounts for participating stores, making it very interesting. He even tried it out on the spot. The city's political adviser Yan-Guo Feng also added that the Japanese value privacy, and through such anonymous technology, they can trust the platform mechanism. Toyotsu City also has many local revitalization businesses that cannot offer a single distribution of coupons on a scale or resource platform like large chain stores. However, with the integration platform of the "Join it Joint Membership Card," it can be used in various sizes of businesses, making it very practical and convenient.

Lee Chi-Yuen, President of the Japan International Exchange Association, said that the association was established in Tokyo in 2022 and is committed to connecting Japan's international exchange activities with foreign countries. The association is honored to assist Toyotsu City and the Taiwanese startup team Join it to have smooth discussions and cooperation on digital technology-led guest projects. In the future, the association will also assist in setting up a base in Toyotsu City, Fukuoka, and actively cooperate with the local revitalization organization to help Japanese stores and Taiwanese teams collaborate and provide discount information to Taiwanese visitors to Japan. The association also specially thanks Mayor Motohide Goto of Toyotsu City for his strong support.